Allow me to introduce myself!

I’ve wanted to write down my thoughts for a while now. I was considering keeping them private but realized that this silly thing we call life isn’t easy for anyone, and sharing my experiences may help someone else in some small way. Since I have personally benefited from reading others’ blogs, I thought maybe I could contribute my ten cents to the world!

Deciding what to write my first post about was no easy task. If you know me, you know I am a product of my parents: way too many hobbies and commitments for one person, but somehow I make time for them all.

A little about me:

I’m 23. Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Methodist. Graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2012. And the Sugar Bowl rocked my socks off.

I have been married for just over a year and a half (time really does fly) to the most wonderful man I have ever known- he makes me laugh and puts up with my crazy self. Who could ask for more? We are both from Tulsa and met while working at the Tulsa Melting Pot restaurant. Fondue is just too romantic. Apparently we love it because we’ve made fondue for our friends numerous times- and continue to get requests! We were married in Tulsa at my home church. Shortly after (literally less than 2 weeks) we moved to Missouri! David (Dave) is currently getting his master’s degree through a Colorado school in a hybrid program- half online and half face-to-face. We are learning every day how to make a successful marriage work while maintaining busy day-to-day lives.

Running gives me energy! I started running because, well, I wanted a new pair of shoes. They were expensive running shoes. I don’t even know why I wanted them, actually. I just know I promised myself if I trained and completed a 5k run, then I could have them. So I started the “Run Less, Run Faster” couch to 5k training program (fantastic book if you haven’t read it!!). It was difficult, but if you’ve ever run, you know that the beginning of the career is exciting because you improve so drastically really quickly. So after finishing my 5k and getting my shiny new shoes, I was an addict. I had to start USING my new shoes, right? So I started training for the OKC Memorial half marathon. The cause is one that is near and dear to my heart- I am from Oklahoma and the bombing in 1996 was devastating to my home state. This run every year is dedicated to the victims of that tragedy. I completed that half and have since completed 2 more half marathons and countless other 5 and 10ks (I say countless, but I definitely have every bib I’ve ever worn with my times written on the back hanging on my bulletin board right in front of me). I am training for an all-women’s triathlon that is taking place at the end of March- I wouldn’t say I’m a swimmer or biker. I would say I’m a runner who “dabbles.”

I am currently in my second year of medical school pursuing my dream to become a doctor. At this point in time (and honestly for the last 6 years) I have developed an interest in helping care for children- so I am hoping to become a Pediatrician someday! My daily uphill battle to do well in classes, serve as Class President, and more recently, study for boards (June 6-ahh!), adds a new dimension to my life that keeps things exciting (read: extremely stressful).

I play oboe. I find music feeds my soul in a way that running, studying, and daily living cannot. I make it a priority to be involved in music in whatever community I find myself- currently that means I am part of a quaint orchestra made up of middle schoolers and 50-somethings. My involvement in music defined my entire middle school and high school life- from my friends to my personality to my approach to the world. To continue developing that area of my life has been a wonderful Godsend! “If you don’t use it, you lose it” or something like that, right?

I have a creative side to complement my science-y medical side. I bake pretty often (not so much cakes…more brownies, homemade oreos, cookies, and various other desserts). I also craft (this was pretty much a requirement to be a good contributing member in my sorority- Alpha Gamma Delta- in college) which comes in handy when Christmas and birthdays roll around each year! I do my nails a lot and get pretty creative with the designs- I use toothpicks and recently acquired a small paintbrush- but I still prefer my ol’ trusty toothpicks. Example: I did EKG tracings for Valentine’s Day (nerdy medical student & shout-out to my hubby who had open heart surgery when he was 17). I did red white and blue with a small “USA” for the winter Olympics. I go all out.

There is so much more I could say on here about my life with Dave- but that’s all I’ve got time for right now! I hope you stay tuned to read about running, baking, crafting, newlyweds, and balancing it all as a medical student!