The blissful joy of life’s imperfections

Today started as a good day. And it’s ending as one too. But there were some moments between those two statements that had me wondering. It was a “Seriously? This too?” type of evening.

It all started when I threw a toy for our dog (Australian cattle dog/red heeler) Bella. The cross-stitched lyrics to “Take Me out the Ballgame” hand-sewn and framed by my best friend as a gift for my 18th birthday came crashing to the floor because I hit the corner of the frame just right with the dog toy. I yelled “No!” and Bella darted, the frame hit the floor and shattered, and I told Bella to go to her kennel (because I didn’t want her getting glass in her paws). She sulked away and thought it was her fault. Poor Bella.

Our nice Dyson animal vacuum broke earlier this year (I broke that too…) and we are currently using a horrible cheap vacuum that stinks up the house and barely picks anything up. So after sweeping and vacuuming and picking up shards off the floor, there is still glass in that rug.

I let Bella come out after I had cleaned and she started whining at the door. Dave was egging her on asking her “what? Do you need to go outside?” which gets her really excited and makes her whine-bark (because we like to have conversations with our animals…ie: make them make noise). Then it was dinner time so Dave and I went ahead and ate (a delicious homemade caramelized onion soup with wheat rye bread to dip!).

After dinner I decided I wanted to try this new idea I had for granola/cereal bars as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack (rice-crispy type cereal + chocolate chips + natural peanut butter + peanuts + marshmallows). I started making that but noticed that Bella kept running back and forth to the door.

I thought Dave had let her out before dinner, especially since he had been teasing her. Nope.

She piddled a teensy trail of potty from the front door allllll the way to the kitchen table and back. Bella has never peed in the house- not even when she was a puppy. She just never had accidents. And this was definitely not an accident- she was literally unable to hold her bladder any longer. She was trying to lick it up before we noticed so she wouldn’t get in trouble, too. I felt like the world’s worst pet-owner. I assume Dave felt badly too because he hurriedly let her out and assured her she wasn’t in trouble. Poor Bella.

Shortly before he opened the door to let Bella out, I thought “hmmm, I guess I’ll switch the laundry to the dryer.” I opened the bi-fold doors we have to our laundry room and the door fell off the hinge. On top of me. I’m not exactly sure how this happened, but it did. Dave looked over, I told him to let Bella out, and tried to figure out how to fix the door.

I didn’t figure out the door. So I went back to making the cereal bars and hand-mixing in the chocolate chips (think melted marshmallow and chocolatey goo covering your hands). Of course it was only then that I realized I had spilled rice crispy cereal all over the floor in the middle of mixing, trying to get Bella outside, and not have the house collapse on me. By the time I realized that, Dave had let Bella in and she was charging toward me full throttle to clean up my mess.

It really is the little things in life. I started laughing. I just couldn’t help but stop for a moment and think of how grateful I am to start my married life in such a quaint little house with so many quirks (the pipes have frozen 8 times this winter. Yes, we leave them dripping. Doesn’t matter. But who’s counting?), to have a hubby that can fix collapsing doors, to have a cute dog I can always count on to keep our lives entertaining, and to have the ability to make fun new recipes. It was truly refreshing to take a deep breath… and realize how amazing my life’s little imperfections are!

Note: I am definitely NOT one of those super peppy people who always views life through rose-colored glasses. Often times I am upset when life’s imperfections inconvenience me! I am human! I was just really taken by surprise that this particular time made me laugh instead of cry, and smile instead of clench my jaw in anger. Let’s thank God for those rare occurrences, shall we? By the way, the bars turned out great! Check out the pic ☺️



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