A little south of Normal.

A little south of Normal.

Quite literally, this is where our house is located (there is a street called Normal).

Last weekend my family came to town to compete with me in an all-women’s triathlon. I was explaining how to get to our house when I told my aunt we live “just a little south of Normal.” We both about died laughing, and that’s when I decided that definitely applied to more than just our specific home location!


Some interesting things about the Beeson family you might not know… (let me just warn you upfront that this post is a little “all over the place”…)

 `I LOVE doing my nails. I’ve even inspired some of my friends here in K’ville to get more crafty with their designs. Here are some pics of some of my masterpieces (Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, Halloween (x2!), Olympics, and Christmas!)

ImageImage ImageImageImageImage

This is one of the things I will miss when I am a 3rd and 4th year medical student and in my residency. They don’t allow nail polish (something about germs?) and I’m not sure I can handle that. It’s not much, but it’s one of the ways I express myself! And I don’t think I’m half bad at it!


`We have a ton of hobbies. Dave plays ultimate frisbee. He makes wine (he made all of the wine for our wedding… 200+ people!!). He blows glass. I play oboe. I just became a triathlete (!!)- but I’m mainly a runner. I am super crafty and enjoy it (it’s the sorority girl in me…if you don’t believe me ask my family or newly pregnant friend! I won’t stop making her stuff!). Together we love being outdoors. We love having just a dog and a cat. We love the idea of moving around. We love traveling… for the specific purpose of trying new foods everywhere we go. We’re both more over-involved and overcommitted than most people we know… But I think that’s what makes us “work!” We’re definitely never bored!

ImageUs hiking in Turner Falls, Oklahoma!


`We started meal planning as a way to improve our wallets and it has revolutionized our marriage! By making it a priority to meal plan each Sunday, we get to experiment with exciting new recipes, save money by budgeting exactly what we need that week and use overlapping ingredients, and we have a firm commitment to have dinner together every night! It might not seem like much, but with us both in grad school, every minute together counts. And the little moments add up over time! For us, that means meal planning, grocery shopping, and eating together (with no phones and no studying at the table!).


`We’ve decided not to have kids until residency. Obviously a lot can change between now and then and we aren’t closed to the idea of them right now. I respect people who are choosing to have children in medical school and all I ask in return is that they respect my choices too! Here are our reasons:

  •   -Money. Daycare is expensive and all of our parents and siblings are still very successful in their careers (not yet retired). Well      sorta. My dad retired from dentistry, but the man has more hobbies than anyone else I’ve ever met so I don’t consider him “retired” (golf. field trials with his dog. hunting. fixing up failing dental practices. traveling. the list goes on). I sincerely love that some people have the blessing of a parent or sibling moving closer to them or having extra help so the babies don’t have to go to daycare right away, but we simply don’t have that luxury quite yet.
  • -Career. My dream since I was little was to be a physician. I have worked my little patooty (technical term) off to achieve that dream. Seeing my sister and in-laws and friends go through pregnancy and new motherhood, I understand that your priorities change. THEY SHOULD. I think it’s wonderful that they do! I’m not personally ready for that change in priorities until I have accomplished my lifelong dream to become a doctor. When I can legally prescribe you a medication (and be sued for it), I will be ready to have children. (A blog I love that says what I’m thinking in a more eloquent way: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/03/motherhood-mondays-one-reader-asks-im.html)
  • -Travel. Dave and I want to travel the world! I know, I know. Everyones dream. Except we actually have friends in South America, Europe and Asia! So I feel like it’s more likely to happen. Some upcoming trips we are dreaming of include East Coast, Japan, China, Europe, and South America. Some of those are vague, but so are our dreams. We just know-again- that our priorities will shift when we have kids and our lifelong dreams of traveling may be affected.
  • -Active. I am a couch potato if left to my own devices. I run, bike, swim, and maintain a very healthy and active lifestyle for the most part… until I get sick. Or drink too much. Or stay up too late. Or have an exam. I use a lot of different excuses to NOT workout or stay on top of my current running training plan. Introduce a pregnancy into that equation? Forget it. These calves are toast!
  • -Free time. Our lives are so structured. Dave has set deadlines. I have class every day. People tell us where we need to be and when we need to be there daily. I love having what teensy tiny amount of free time we get all to ourselves. I love getting to be selfish with my time! I love deciding (like we –ahem- may have last night) to watch back-to-back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy whilst drinking wine and vegging out. Which brings me to my last point.
  • -Wine. I am 1/16 Italian (Dave is 0%), but from our weekly bottle count, you would think we were full-blooded! In our combined opinions, mixed drinks are great, beer is good, but nothing- and I mean nothing– compares to a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Chianti or Shiraz enjoyed while studying, stretching after a run, or with dinner. I’m just not ready to give that up. (Note: We are not alcoholics. We rarely drink to excess. Please don’t worry about us.)
  • -All in all, we just aren’t ready for it. The act of constructing a list of our reasons alone shows me I am not ready (I’m definitely not making a “why we SHOULD have children right now” list!). I bit into some moldy bread this afternoon. Dave forgets to feed the dog sometimes. Right now we are focused on taking care of ourselves and making it to all of our scheduled commitments on time. Someday in the future we will be ready. It just probably won’t be today. Or tomorrow. Or next year.

That started as a short reason, but ended up a super-long explanation. Whew. Apologies!  On that note, I feel like I’ve been typing forever. I have more to say, but I will include it in another post later this week! Hope you all enjoyed 🙂