Snacker crackers, sunshine, and bittersweet anticipation.

Let me begin by saying I’m a huge snacker. I attribute this mainly to my dad and my bad habits in undergrad (dorms… Sorority house… House with 2 other girls… There’s just food everywhere in all of those situations). My heart-healthy hubby wasn’t like me at all… Until I ruined him. Now our house is, for the most part, a “snack free zone.” Not by preference, but by necessity. Because if we keep snacks in the house, we both go crazy on them and can’t stop ourselves!

My snacking reaches a personal worst when Dave leaves town (I get bored, so I snack) and when I have an exam coming up (again… Boredom, stress, distraction, excuse for a study break… You name it!). Two weekends ago, Dave left for Denver AND I had an exam Monday. This usually triggers a huge snack intake increase. But not this time! I decided instead of chowing down huge amounts of chips, cookies, etc I would be healthy. So I tried a new recipe! I made what I am now calling “snacker crackers.” I’ve included the recipe with pictures below (adapted from “Everyday Food” magazine). They turned out amazing! I just dip ’em in some hummus and BAM, healthy snack. I prepped them Tuesday so when Dave left Wednesday I would be ready for my cravings. And they came! But this time, I was able to curb them with snack my body deserves! Recipe here! (note: I changed quite a bit to make it my own.. Used black sesame seeds, a different cheese, less butter, whole wheat flour, and added flax seeds and chia seeds… So it’s healthier and, in my opinion, tastier!)


Something else I did this week… I ran 5 miles Sunday and then accidentally took a friend on a 5.5 mile run last week. I am running 12 km (7.6 miles) in a marathon relay with 2 friends, my dad and my brother at the end of this week. I hadn’t really started training for it, but for whatever reason I ended up training anyway! I even ran in a 10k two weekends ago and got second (by 1 second!) in my age group. Not really sure what’s gotten into me…I definitely need to be indoors training my BRAIN for boards. I’m chalking it up to how beautiful it finally is outside! After this Midwest winter from Antarctica, I feel like some well-deserved sunshine needs to be enjoyed!

On the sunshine note…I am VERY ready to move to Phoenix. Some emotions I am currently experiencing: nervousness, anticipation, anxiety, excitement, fear, sadness. Moving is such a multifaceted experience. I am so ready for Dave and I to move into the next chapter of our lives. But I am so sad I will be leaving my friends and my comfortable lifestyle in Missouri. When I moved here, I had the same set of worries… I didn’t want new friends. I didn’t want to get used to a new daily routine. I never could have imagined how close I would get to my friends in med school. I think it’s because we have seen each other at our best and at our worst going through hell (med school) together. I definitely didn’t think I would make lifelong friends in Kirksville, but I have! And it has been a wonderful two years with them. I’m not ready to live separately from the people who truly know the “ups and downs” of my daily life as a med student, but I am ready to get out of the classroom and into the hospital, doing what I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a little girl. Other medical schools spend all four years in one place…one of the reasons I chose Kirksville was because of the opportunity to get out of the Midwest and experience medicine elsewhere in the US. But again, I hadn’t anticipated having to leave my close friends. Adding to the pressure is this next month which is full of finals, boards, and moving for all of my classmates and myself. Our schedules for boards are different too, so the date I am moving is different than when everyone else is. So there isn’t really a good time to do the whole difficult “goodbye” shebang.

I am so excited and hopeful about moving onto our next adventure… It’s just riddled with sadness and goodbyes I never anticipated. I don’t think anyone can really prepare themselves for that type of thing. I am so thankful for the blessing of getting to know these wonderful individuals who have loved me at my worst and who have challenged me to accomplish more than I ever thought was possible. On that note, I’m going to conclude this post. Go hug your friends!


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