We made it to our new home! And let me just say, we could not be happier! We have been crafting like crazy trying to fill our huge space… it is almost exactly twice the size of our Missouri home! With four bedrooms and over 1500 square feet, it’s been a challenge, but one that we have loved accepting!


First, we got our Arizona licenses. That was interesting. In the state of Arizona, your license doesn’t expire until you’re 65. Yes. SIXTY FIVE. No picture change or anything. I can only hope I look like I do now at age 65. I had a mild panic attack thinking that far into the future. Another interesting thing: the Arizona DMV was pretty impressive. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes! I guess issuing people IDs every 40 years keeps traffic down!

24 hours after getting our licenses Phoenix decided to “haze” us (my sister’s words!) into being official residents. First, we found our first scorpion. I say first because, yes, we have found multiple (ok, only 3. And 2 were smaller than an inch. So really only 1 that was terrifying). The big scary one was dead when we found it and it hadn’t made it far into the house, so that helped. Researching the species revealed they are bark scorpions and therefore aren’t dangerous- actually, they’re helpful and eat the bad bugs… but I still don’t want them in our home so we had the house “sealed” by an exterminator the next day.


After our scorpion experience, we had the great pleasure of experiencing our first haboob and monsoon! Luckily we didn’t get caught driving in it, but man.. there were objects (leaves, trash, papers, etc!) flying through the air. The house was getting sand-blasted. Winds were 45+ mph, which doesn’t scare this Oklahoma girl, but the visibility literally went from day to night in less than 5 minutes. It was crazy to see that much dust kicked up into the air! We couldn’t even see over the neighbors house across the street and the sky completely disappeared. It was amazing to watch. Until we lost power. Luckily it returned about 45 minutes later. 

Since then our lives have been pretty action-packed. We have a list of restaurants (we’re big foodies, I guess you could say) so we have slowly been working our way down and crossing them off! The Desert Botanical Gardens were beautiful and we are currently researching how to start our own small succulent and cactus garden for our tiny backyard (we have 4 library books checked out on the subject!). We have hung out with Missouri friends and new Phoenix friends, found a church we love, welcomed another friend’s new baby girl into the world, and have entertained my parents for a weekend. Oh, and I started my surgery rotation! 

Here are just a couple photos of our new home decor and how I made them!

DSCF3096DSCF3102DSCF3075It was really difficult to get the animals to cooperate for these silhouette shots. After they did, I printed them at Kinkos, cut them out and used double-sided tape to stick ’em to the canvas then just spray painted it! Super quick and easy!Bella Bear pic


This table is a knockoff of a $1200 pottery barn table. Can’t say I helped much with this… it was all my wonderful hubby’s work!


This is our most recent artwork. We’re both sorta bad at doing the “random” thing, but I love how it turned out. And best of all, it takes up a huge blank spot on our stairway wall!

So there ya have it! Arizona life is suiting us well so far! I will be writing in detail about my surgery rotation shortly so stay tuned!


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